Using data to make better decisions

Take Action. Save Money.

"Data that isn't useful is noise."

-Stephen Few

Create Signals

Monitor your processes

Solve Problems Faster

With clear action plans reduce the amount of time it takes to solve problems

Save Money

as the speed of solving problems is reduced to routine tasks

What's a Signal?

Recall the last time you watched a surgery on TV. Before it began, the surgical staff hooked up a heart monitor to visually show the patient's pulse. A few minutes later the surgeon started the procedure and then all of a sudden the patient's heart rate crashed. Alarms started chirping and the monitor showed the patient's heartbeat as a flat line. With this signal, the surgeon immediately started working on the new problem. Once the problem was resolved, the surgeon went back to performing the surgery.

The alarms were the signal the surgeon needed to stop what they were doing and work on a new problem.

Signals in your business are no different. With the correct signals and action plans in place, your employees will know when to address new problems and have an action plan to start solving them.

3 Steps To Follow


You know your business better than anyone. Before you create a signal determine the criteria for a successful outcome. Then, start monitoring the data at a low enough level and use the abnormal behavior in your data as a signal to take action.


Chart your data to visually see the difference between normal and abnormal behavior.

Take Action

Develop an action plan around each signal.

What Makes The Festus Group Different?

We understand creating signals can be complicated.

At the Festus Group, we help our customers build signals with action plans.

The Festus Group is a consulting firm led by Stan Parker, with over 25 years of data analytics experience. We partner with experts in data extraction and data modeling and together create solutions that help solve problems and save money.

What We Offer

Our services and price points are laid out below and each of our clients receives a proposal uniquely tailored to their needs.


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Data Modeling

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Hire the Guide

Do you have a process you need to monitor? Invite Stan Parker to come and lead your team through a complete problem-solving session. Stan will work with your team and design a signal to monitor your process. Then work with the team to create an action plan when the signal is triggered.