Using data to make better decisions

Enable Signals. Improve Processes. Seize Opportunities. 

"Data that isn't useful is noise."


-Stephen Few

Keep Costs Down

Create signals to monitor your processes and keep costs down

Solve Problems Faster

With clear signals reduce the amount of time it takes to solve problems

Create Momentum

With improved processes seize opportunities faster

How We Do It


You know your business better than anyone. Before we make any recommendations, we take the time to listen to your goals and needs


Once we understand your goals, we create a customized plan. We help you understand the why behind each part of the plan and then get to work creating the parts you need to grow your business


Together we'll decide on your execution plan then deliver what you need to improve your processes and create new opportunities for growth

What Makes The Festus Group Different?

We understand analyzing data can be complicated. Nowadays it's easy to build dashboards that look good. The reality is most businesses waste a tremendous amount of time and money on building "shiny" dashboards that don't actually call people to action.

Effective dashboards are useful only when it triggers a pre-defined action plan. The Festus Group helps business leaders call their people to action. President and CEO, Stan Parker, guide businesses to understand problems employees are trying to solve and then helps them communicate those problems in a way the organization can understand and take action to resolve.

Armed with 25 years of knowledge, we create dashboards that lead people to take action.


More About Us....

The Festus Group is led by Stan Parker, with over 25 years of data analytics experience. The Festus Group partners with other incredible people who are data extraction gurus, data modeling experts who together bring measurable value to our clients

What We Offer

Our services and price points are laid out below, but each of our clients receives a proposal uniquely tailored to their needs.


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Data Extraction Services

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Dashboard Development

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Hire the Guide

Invite Stan Parker to come and lead your team through a complete dashboard design session. Together we will create a custom dashboard with clear signals all designed to inform people to take action and resolve problems faster.